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So, listen up! I was listening to my little alarm clock radio, trying to find some far out stations here in Hell City. Things weren't looking too good; I was hitting a lot of Top-40 and crap like that so I dared to... VENTURE BEYOND THE LEFT OF THE DIAL!

Now, rumor has it, that to go far beyond the left of the dial, all the way past 88.1 FM is to stumble upon the static of a dimension not unlike our own. But to play beyond the eighty-eight is a dangerous game... The static can scramble your static, the commercials can turn you crazy... The Big Derboski ain't one for tall tales so I turned that dial till I could turn no more and went... BEYOND THE LEFT OF THE DIAL!

I stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back... and you know who I saw?


I heard a strange recording come on when I was surfin' the static so I managed to snag it with a few leftover mystic tapes I bought from an old electrician that was also a practicing voodoo doctor. I was able to get the recording nice and clean though I can't say the same about my soul... but damn this sounds good! DIG IT!

I'm pretty well knowledged when it comes to Surf music and I was able to pinpoint the songs that played throughout the set.

Aqua Velvets - Day In The Life of a Private Eye
Poison Ivy - Peter Gunn Theme
Link Wray - Switchblade
The Reverberators - Paint it Bond
The Surfdusters - Chill Out
The Huntington Cads - Theme From The Maneater
The Reverb Syndicate - M's Lament
Los Straitjackets - Espionage
Mercury 4 - Endless Beach
The Neptunas - Dick Tracy
Nelson Riddle - Batman Blues

This was a pretty sweet mix of Surf Noir and Spy Surf! One thing I really enjoy about Surf music is though there aren't lyrics, at least with the Surf I dig on, the music still has a ton of personality and style. I mean, dig on these songs! They make ya feel like a real secret agent man.

A lot of Spy Surf comes from the current era of Surf music with bands such as The Reverb Syndicate and Luau or Die rocking a real James Bond-esque, secret agent aesthetic, both in their music and in their stage presence. It all goes together like one fine white russian. There's just something about the secret agent style, it's cheekiness and the fact that the secret agent genre doesn't take itself all that seriously (how could volcano lairs and vehicles with more gadgets that the Mach-5 be considered "serious"?) blends so well with Surf music, which is also a real lighthearted genre all about good times and being a goof.

So it seems that my little alarm clock radio has the power to pull the Derks of different dimensions together! I gotta get some new batteries for the clock before I use it again and trust me, this crazy little clock doesn't take double-A's. Rumor goes they are charged in Valhalla so it might be a while before I'm able to get another Surfphony from... BEYOND THE LEFT OF THE DIAL! But when I do, I will share it with you finks! WOOOOOOOOO!

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I also gotta give credit for some of the sounds used in this podcast.
Thanks to many users on for providing some fantastic sound effects!

Fatlane's Police Siren

THE_bizness's Car Horn

Sonsdebarcelona's Ambient_de_bar_daperitius

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