Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Good evening folks, it’s the Big Double D here, that is Derk Derkson not quite live but still alive from the Full Moon Lounge. It’s my turn to take over the Surfphony of Derstruction and do what I do best... play the latest and the greatest in Exotic Surf from around the Earth. My friend, Derk Brigante, he likes to keep things at top speed but The Big Double D… well, that just ain’t my style. I’m keeping things nice and slow and all slicked up so why don’t ya grab a seat at the bar, get yerself a drink and unwind a little bit. The moon is looking topped right up and that tends to get people actin’ a lil funny but don’t worry about here, everyone is being real cool and looking real cool… and with me behind the wheel, it’s going to sound real cool. So, tune yer ears into tonight’s special, this is EXODERKA

The Martinis - Hung Over
The Delegates - Pigmy
Fifty Foot Combo - Italian Fuzz
Dave “Baby” Cortez - Hurricane
The Saints - Pigtails
The Ventures - Katana
Four Piece Suit - Bombasteroid
Russ Garcia and His Orchestra - Delicado
The Reverb Syndicate - La Balada de Senor Esquivel
The Halibuts - Night Crawler
Atomic Seven - Seven Stranded Castanets
Afrosound - El Ventarron
Andrea Tosi - La Sorella Di Cristina
The Tornados - Do You Come Here Often?
Martin Denny - The Girl From Ipanema
The Sims - LATIN 7
Kai Winding - China Nights


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Thanks to these finks and their wonderful sounds...

Clapping and laughter
Romantic Jazz - Bensound
Ice in Glass 7 - S. Dedalus - http://freesound.org/people/S.%20Dedalus/sounds/211164/
Setting Drink Down 2 - SnakeBarney - http://freesound.org/people/snakebarney/sounds/138134/

Ice Cubes in Water - SkeetMasterFunk69 - http://freesound.org/people/SkeetMasterFunk69/sounds/235548/

Bottle Open Pour Fizz - AshFox - http://freesound.org/people/AshFox/sounds/174865/