Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th

Hey Finks! Here's Part 2 of SURF IN SPACE!! Unfortunately, the show didn't go as planned... WHAT A BUMMAH!! Regardless the music was seriously cool! I played some more far out surf and a small tribute to Joe Meek was had, with a couple of his own tracks from "I Hear a New World" and his most well-known track as producer, "Telstar" by The Tornados.

Artist song
space cossacks tsar wars
los straitjackets wrong planet
the marketts collision course
tabarnacos surfers journey to the stars
the huntington cads outer orbit
the metalunas shields up!
esquivel spellbound
joe meek the bublight
joe meek march of the dribcots
the tornadoes telstar
takeshi terauchi & his blue jeans galaxy
the nocturnes journey to the stars
the fractals space fink
the treblemakers dentures in space
metalunas moon relay
metalunas it came from the nebula

Here's a real kool link to a blog post with hella Meek info!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's a placeholder for now!! I just want to get something up for the time being but I'm still doing trial and error for the best logo I can do! DIG IT!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SURF IN SPACE January 18th

Emergency post from Ground Control! Captain Brigante's status is currently unknown but we were able to extract the playlist from his final transmission.

Artist song
the marketts out of limits
urban surf kings cowboy X
bike 'n' hollers lost in space
the reverb syndicate the martini cluster
the mercury 4 quit hoggin' the air lock
the barracudas saturn
danny twang drag race
urban surf kings not of this earth
takeshi terauchi out of limits
spy-fi neptune
the astros space walk
the ventures war of the satellites
mickey aversa blast off
the huntington cads lunar luau
kai winding surf bird
urban surf kings the day the surf stood still
the bomboras war of the satellites
the reverb syndicate lunar attack
the treblemakers exploding bikers from hochelaga

Captain Brigante left us a cryptic note stating that we must present credit for these artists:

ERH's 104 Distortion

ERH's Boom 1

guitarguy1985's carterattack

Synamax's alien alarm

EcoDTR's Laser Rocket 1 & 2

inferno's largex

sandyrb's THE CRASH

pauliep83's explosions

Jace's engine damaged sparks and Ship Damaged explosions sparks

Click Here to download Captain Brigante's final transmission!

Slim Gene from Jump Kat Jump made a report regarding Captain Brigante's status! Check out the January 20th episode to hear his report!!

THIS JUST IN!! The remains of Captain Brigante's starship, The Nature Boy 2.o Enterprise, is broadcasting a emergency signal from FAR OUT IN SPACE!! Tune in next week to discover the fare of Captain Brigante!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surfphony of Derstruction January 11th

HEY FINKS! The Surfphony of Derstruction came rolling back in for another KOOL TUESDAY!! B-) I pulled a fast one and decided that The Surf would be "Venturing Out" of its usual tunes. I looked far and wide and listened to many a surf tune to come up with a episode that had a real upbeat ala The Ventures, one of the most prominent Instrumental bands of the '60's. The Ventures played all sorts of originals and covers and we got to hear a real neat variety on this episode, along with other similar songs new and old!

los straitjackets venturing out
shadowy men on a shadowy planet siesta cinema
phonocomb pummelled
the ventures she's a lady
the expressos teenage express
the islander the sunliners
the ventures paint it black
the modelos empire of the sun
the surfdusters surf buggy
atomic seven her sassy kiss
the ventures slaughter on tenth avenue
the deadlies double H
dick dale big black cad
the ventures guitar psychedelics
the ventures exploration in terror
aston martin fallout

The Ventures playing "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" live in Japan!

Next Week, The Surfphony of Derstruction is reachin' beyond the Earth's atmosphere and goin' Out of Limits to bring you...



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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Surfphony of Derstruction January 4th

HEY FINKS! This episode marks the first Surfphony of Derstruction of 2011! KOOL!! We had a bit of a mini-theme this week. I played a couple of tracks with bad-ass (by my standards, haha) vocals. I threw in the Neil Young song as a special treat for listeners catching the last bit of the show.

artist song
huevos rancheros drive thru at molly's reach
the ramblin ambassadors frank slide song
the blue demons penetration
takeshi terauchi black carnation
the varitones repeteo
the reverb syndicate escape from the village
the sentinals the pipe
the deadlies B6 Shuffle
dick dale grudge run
wanda jackson fujiyama mama
hold up the outlaws
fifty foot combo 4 devil - 1 hell
tabarnacos surfers ace of spades
neil young and the shocking pinks mystery train

Wanda Jackson's Fujiayama Mama

Next week will be the same ol' thing! A POWER HOUR of SURF!!!
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