Thursday, April 25, 2013



So, listen up! I was listening to my little alarm clock radio, trying to find some far out stations here in Hell City. Things weren't looking too good; I was hitting a lot of Top-40 and crap like that so I dared to... VENTURE BEYOND THE LEFT OF THE DIAL!

Now, rumor has it, that to go far beyond the left of the dial, all the way past 88.1 FM is to stumble upon the static of a dimension not unlike our own. But to play beyond the eighty-eight is a dangerous game... The static can scramble your static, the commercials can turn you crazy... The Big Derboski ain't one for tall tales so I turned that dial till I could turn no more and went... BEYOND THE LEFT OF THE DIAL!

I stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back... and you know who I saw?


I heard a strange recording come on when I was surfin' the static so I managed to snag it with a few leftover mystic tapes I bought from an old electrician that was also a practicing voodoo doctor. I was able to get the recording nice and clean though I can't say the same about my soul... but damn this sounds good! DIG IT!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Eight Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle!


I'll tell you what goes on! The eighth annual Great Lakes Surf Battle, right HERE in Toronto, Ontario! The Great Lakes Surf Battle was made to bring together some of Toronto's, and Canada's, finest surf bands under one roof and blow said roof off. The Great Lakes Surf Battle is like the playoffs of Canadian Surf music... NO, the WRESTLEMANIA of Surf music in Toronto. Local bands like The Blue Demons, Luau or Die, The King Beez, and even charlie browns from outta town, such as The Reverb Syndicate, The Robots, The Dead Beat, and Los Oxidados (all the way from Mexico City!) come to The Great Lakes Surf Battle to strut their stuff.

Here's the poster and the line-up for The Great Lakes Surf Battle and MAN what a line up!

You better RSVP for the event on Facebook here!

I recently sat down at The Cadillac Lounge, the home of Eight Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle, with The Blue Demon and Dano Villano of The Howling Bullets, the founders of The Great Lakes Surf Battle and got to talkin' about Surf Battles of yore, neat anecdotes, and what's going on this year!

MISSED OUT ON THE INTERVIEW?? BUMMER! maybe I will post it later ;)

This Great Lakes Surf Battle is shapin' up to be a real WILD WEEKEND so keep tuned to The Surfphony of Derstruction 2000 to bring you the news on the biggest event for Surf music in Toronto! WOOOOOO!