Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What a night, finks! The weather in Windsor was complete crap! It was dark and rainy as hell outside! The perfect weather for The Surfphony of Derstruction's FIRST-EVER theme show: MIDNIGHT IN SALERNO! We played all sorts of Nighttime Surf and it was good times! I had plenty of material to keep us goin', maybe even till midnight! Here's the playlist of what I did get to spin:

new plays
urban surf kingsluger 3
the reverb syndicateonto checkpoint bravo
the chesterfield kingsmoon relay
the tempomenmidnight on pier 13
the bambi molestersthe kiss off
zz topasleep in the desert
the debonaireshigh wall
huevos rancherosplease pass the ketchup
deep notesleeping with erik
atomic 7seven stranded castanets
the venturesmusic to watch girls by
mr gasser and the weirdosmidnight run
hula hoopgirls from ipanema
los straitjacketsdella street
the reverb syndicatem's lament

HUH?!?! ZZ TOP?! What is ZZ TOP doing on DA SURF?! First of all, ZZ TOP is ol' skool kool! Second, ZZ Top consists of amazing instrumentalists and the track Asleep in the Desert attests to that.

I was really excited about playing this song and talking about it on-air but I missed my chance! So here, check it out again!

Unfortunately, I cannot post as many youtube videos this week as a lot of the tracks I spun are troublesome to find on youtube.

In other news, I will be filling in for Martin Schiller of Tacit Karaoke this Sunday, December 5th. Tacit Karaoke is an all-instrumental program on CJAM 99.1 and I will adhere to the instrumentality! Not surf though, but something else... tune in to find out! THIS SUNDAY @6 PM on CJAM 99.1!

One more thing, SOCAN tracking period is coming up this weekend! December 5,6, and 7th! The Surfphony is on during this period so next week is an impromptu theme show! I will be spinning all Canadian surf bands in hopes that they are registered with SOCAN and get some money from the gov'! So, if you happen to be a Canadian surf band member reading this blog, Register for SOCAN and let me know that you want your tracks played!

Here's a Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet video to celebrate Canuck Surf!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23rd

LET IT BE KNOWN. THAT THIS WAS A GOOD SHOW! I enjoyed it and I hope that you all did too. We took a look at Eddie & The Showmen's rendition of Squad Car. Originally recorded by The Bel-Airs, Eddie Bertrand of The Bel-Airs formed Eddie & The Showmen, a more Dick Dale-esque, guitar oriented surf band. The Showmen's cover of Squad Car is the preferred basis for many modern surf bands that have recorded the song.

Here's the original Bel-Airs recording:

Eddie & The Showmen doin' Squad Car:

artist song
the ebb tides big noise from waimea
eddie & the showmen squad car
the bel-airs squirt
luau or die! mojave chaser
the reverb syndicate on to checkpoint bravo
huevos rancheros cindy with an S
shadowy men on a shadowy planet average weekend '78
the blue demons squad car
ramblin' ambassadors lungbucket
the fractals mothra
the moons gammera
the motivations motivate
takeshi terauchi squad car
duane eddy waterskiing
the webs lost (cricket in my ear)
the invaders davey jones rocker

Here's a rare treat of some Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet! Here's the classic rock/heavy metal flavoured Having an Average Weekend '78. Tasty!

Tune in next week for MIDNIGHT IN SALERNO! The FIRST-EVER theme show on The Surfphony of Derstruction! Wanna know what's in store?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Surfphony of Derstruction November 16th

Latest show, latest post baby!

Just a regular ol' surf show this week! A DAMN GOOD ONE at that!

I played a lot of obscure tracks from some surf comps. Comps such as Sleazy Surf! Vols. 1 & 2 and couple of tracks from Surfer's Mood.

We heard Dick Dale's Surf Beat
There's a neat little comment on the page of this video. Check it out for some serious nostalgia trippin'!

artist song
shadowy men on a shadowy planet honey, you're wasting ammo
the rattlesnakes caravella
huevos rancheros whiteout in wyoming
fifty foot combo dimitrius
the reveltones black lightning
the astronauts surf's you right
the bedwells karate again
bob vaught & the renegades church key twist
rich clayton & the rumbles flip side
the von drats malaguena
dick dale and his del-tones surf beat
urban surf kings almeria
the el caminos sumo wrestler
kenny & The Sultans With Vigor
the fractals quarter pounder

Tune in next week as we look at Eddie & The Showmen's Squad Car!

Too cool of a video to pass up! check out how the siren sound is made!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surfphony of Derstruction November 9th

HEY MY BAD! for not posting for so long, I keep forgetting to save the playlist for the past few shows and I am too embarrassed to make public my mistake! From here out, I'm going to make sure to post more playlists YEAAAAAAAAAH

For this week's show, we checked out the song APACHE originally by the Shadows in the early '60s. dig it:

we heard Los Straitjacket's Apache inspired Lonely Apache. Here is a live version of the song:

this week's special song was Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet's Aunt's Invasion. Just a sweet tune, that's why I picked it!

new plays
artist song
st. john & the cardinals RAMPAGE
space cossacks the defector
shadowy men on a shadowy planet aunt's invasion
reverb syndicate sputnik-a-go-go
takeshi terauchi living doll
the moptops moptop
the motions big chief
the hot rodders the creamer
atomic 7 theme from atomic 7
the blue demons apache
the shadows apache
the ventures apache
fatboy slim apache
los straitjackets lonely apache

This coming week will kick some ass! LET IT BE KNOWN