Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28th 1020 *NO BOYS ALLOWED*


new plays
artist song
chrisma black silk stocking
cipher brown
cloud nine fractions of a second
voice smile
HI-I look back
you we want, we need
martha and the muffins don't say anything
land of giants cannibal dolls
ssq walkman on
martha and the muffins dance park
rough trade birds of a feather
croth daily news
the neptunas dick tracy
the blue demons pussy whipped
software seduction try
linear movement way out of living
design sunset boulevard
ladyhawke my delirium
moev cracked mirror
invisible limits golden dreams
warm dark pocket shadows burning
drinking electricity breakout
beast mr. hurricane

Sunday, February 21, 2010

had my little brother shane on the show! From what people told us, he picked a pretty good list! good job shane
new plays
artist song
scary bitches theme from the munsters
frank zappa I'm the slime
the calrizians call me evil
mike sarne just for kicks
the diodes tennis (again)
lou reed down at the arcade
george jones root beer
chesterfield kings shelby gt 356
blue demons apache
suck house of the rising sun
the runaways black leather
the detroit cobras the slum
999 homicide
the flys love and a molotov cocktail
martha and the muffins crosswalk
the fools psycho chicken
iggy pop dum dum boys
nash the slash 19th nervous breakdown
iko model type a
lou champange system selling so sweet
elvis costello my mood swings
rational youth beware the fly
david bowie I'm waiting for the man
lou reed good night ladies

Sunday, February 7, 2010


i didnt understand a single word of this show

artist song
bb gabor nyet nyet soviet
berlin express die russen kommen
kontrast zukunft
silvia stammtisch
exkurs steril
ruth polaroidromanphoto
4d dreidimensional
paris brule-t-il la logeuse-
club de rome a l'est & a l'ouest du crepuscule
molto stuhl lieber gott
croox moderne krankheiten
nash the slash in search of prey
variete kontrast moi et mon image
edith nylon avorton
c.o.m.a. femme robot
family fodder cerf volant
baroque bordello comme toujours
cosmic overdose moderna dadaister
dom mody szytry
project 3 hinter dem spiegel
injury meddelane fran rymden
cfcf sogni rossi
telex pakmovast
monopol elektrischer stuhl
Rational Youth Le Meilleur De Mondes
Riuichi Sakamoto saru to yuku gomi no komodo