Sunday, November 17, 2013


WOOOOOOOOO WHAT BE KOOL, FINKS, IT'S THE SURFPHONY OF DERSTRUCTION 2000 COMING AROUND FOR ANOTHER FULL MOON!! Autumn is in full swing and the Big Derboski is just chillin' and reminiscing about the summer... AND ABOUT SURF TOO because my summer definitely consisted of the Big Surf. That don't mean we have to stop though, hell no, The Surfphony is just gonna keep on going, playing for ya that surf from around the earth to keep ya dreaming about those summer days!

LAST MONTH WAS OCTOBER in case you have been living under a rock. October means it is Halloween! and Halloween means the Surfphony goes BEYOND THE GRAVE! Count Von Derkula took over for me on The Big Surf for the Month of October and brought a little bit of Halloween Havoc! You still got time to check it out and, YA KNOW WHAT, The Surfphony of Derstruction BOO-THOUSAND is always in season whenever yer looking for some spooky surf! Don't be afraid! You can always find B000 right here on mixcloud!

ALRIGHT, speakin' of Count Von Derkula and his nightmare mash, he extended an invite to me and I could not pass it up. The Count would drop dead if I ditched his little to-do! Well, I did drop by and, let me tell you, that was one helluva party. Count said it would be life-changing but I thought he was exaggerating... Well, he did run with Nostradamus for a little while and has a habit of making some pretty accurate assumptions...

Some weird things have been going on since the party... I thought it was just a nasty hangover at first. Maybe I will book an appointment with my voodoo doctor and have him check it out. He has a PHD in the freaky-deaky.