Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14th

HEY FINKS! Just a regular ol' episode of The Surfphony of Derstruction! The Deadlies were kind enough to send us their album Meet The Deadlies which I debuted on this episode! The Deadlies are a couple of kool kats who know their way around a surf tune!

artist song
urban surf kings wigwam
the pagents enchanted surf
the astronauts surf's you right
the heyburners bird walk
dick dale and bo troy and his hot-rods slippery shillelagh
tabarnacos surfers shot in the dark
the deadlies mojave dry run
the deadlies another nashville rash
huevos rancheros gump worsley's lament
shadowy men on a shadowy planet harlem by the sea
kenny & the sultans with vigor
the nodeans beach girl
the journeymen surfer's rule
the bambi molestors panic party
fifty foot combo the legend of hanau eepe
the twin tones buena suerte forastero

Here's a link to The Deadlies' myspace page.

Thanks again go out to The Deadlies for sending CJAM some SURF!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th - Hudson Bay Surf Party!

Hey Finks! This week's episode of The Surfphony of Derstruction fell under SOCAN tracking period so I decided to make this episode an all Canadian one! I featured surf bands from all over Canada, old and new. I played a very special Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet track, "Autobahn", originally by Kraftwerk!

artist song
the reverb syndicate zis is KAOS!
the blue demons empire santo
shadowy men on a shadowy planet what I like about grease
the von drats phantom chop
atomic 7 your ironic t-shirt
the squires sultan
the reverb syndicate the code is ********
the robots ride the surf
mark malibu & the wasagas wasaga run
v-necks sand overdose
the robots stinky juliens
shadowy men on a shadowy planet autobahn
urban surf kings man from adano
the reverb syndicate martini cluster
the von drats strachen steve
the burnin' sands walkin' on burning sands
urban surf kings go go island

There are three bands I played of particular importance. First, The Squires! The Squires was Neil Young's very first band, emulating the style of The Shadows and in the track we heard, Sultan, a very "Apache"-esque sound! Second, two bands from Toronto in the '80's, Mark Malibu & The Wasagas and V-Necks. The two tracks I played are all I have ever found of them, besides a couple of pictures on Flickr. Really neat songs!

I played a couple of contemporary surf bands. Check out their myspaces, dig?

The Robots - Oshawa's own!

The Von Drats - We heard a couple of tracks from their new album Dratsylvania, available through their very own website! Thanks to Dave Von Drat for the pack of tracks!

The Reverb Syndicate - They were very kind to send me their two albums, Operation: Jet Set! and Sputnik-A-Go-Go. Click Here for their official website.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5th - Tacit Deraoke


I did a fill-in show for Tacit Karaoke. It's different from my usual surf. It's very dark, spooky and atmospheric. check it out if it's your thing!

Here's a sample of the show I did:

new plays
artist song
horchata yard
horchata hallway
haruki yamada silent town
the caretaker cloudy, since you went away
elbryan command control
horchata kitchen
haruki yamada destroyed world
horchata dining room
the caretaker consigned to a yesterday
nash the slash blind windows
the caretaker malign forces of the occult
elbryan toxic refinery
the caretaker robins and roses
the future cairo
jesse j smith musical wars part I
nash the slash pilgrim's lament
the caretaker date with an angel
horchata dining room
nash the slash lost lenore
jesse j smith musical wars part II
the caretaker it's all forgotten now
horchata basement
nash the slash deep forest
elbryan computer station
the caretaker home
the moe greene specials julia's waltz
wall of voodoo there's nothing on this side
the caretaker friends past re-united
human league new pink floyd
nash the slash reactor no. 2
the caretaker a stairway to the stars
nash the slash danger zone

Here's a link to the Tacit Karaoke page. You will find the podcast under December 5th.