Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14th

HEY FINKS! Just a regular ol' episode of The Surfphony of Derstruction! The Deadlies were kind enough to send us their album Meet The Deadlies which I debuted on this episode! The Deadlies are a couple of kool kats who know their way around a surf tune!

artist song
urban surf kings wigwam
the pagents enchanted surf
the astronauts surf's you right
the heyburners bird walk
dick dale and bo troy and his hot-rods slippery shillelagh
tabarnacos surfers shot in the dark
the deadlies mojave dry run
the deadlies another nashville rash
huevos rancheros gump worsley's lament
shadowy men on a shadowy planet harlem by the sea
kenny & the sultans with vigor
the nodeans beach girl
the journeymen surfer's rule
the bambi molestors panic party
fifty foot combo the legend of hanau eepe
the twin tones buena suerte forastero

Here's a link to The Deadlies' myspace page.

Thanks again go out to The Deadlies for sending CJAM some SURF!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 7th - Hudson Bay Surf Party!

Hey Finks! This week's episode of The Surfphony of Derstruction fell under SOCAN tracking period so I decided to make this episode an all Canadian one! I featured surf bands from all over Canada, old and new. I played a very special Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet track, "Autobahn", originally by Kraftwerk!

artist song
the reverb syndicate zis is KAOS!
the blue demons empire santo
shadowy men on a shadowy planet what I like about grease
the von drats phantom chop
atomic 7 your ironic t-shirt
the squires sultan
the reverb syndicate the code is ********
the robots ride the surf
mark malibu & the wasagas wasaga run
v-necks sand overdose
the robots stinky juliens
shadowy men on a shadowy planet autobahn
urban surf kings man from adano
the reverb syndicate martini cluster
the von drats strachen steve
the burnin' sands walkin' on burning sands
urban surf kings go go island

There are three bands I played of particular importance. First, The Squires! The Squires was Neil Young's very first band, emulating the style of The Shadows and in the track we heard, Sultan, a very "Apache"-esque sound! Second, two bands from Toronto in the '80's, Mark Malibu & The Wasagas and V-Necks. The two tracks I played are all I have ever found of them, besides a couple of pictures on Flickr. Really neat songs!

I played a couple of contemporary surf bands. Check out their myspaces, dig?

The Robots - Oshawa's own!

The Von Drats - We heard a couple of tracks from their new album Dratsylvania, available through their very own website! Thanks to Dave Von Drat for the pack of tracks!

The Reverb Syndicate - They were very kind to send me their two albums, Operation: Jet Set! and Sputnik-A-Go-Go. Click Here for their official website.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5th - Tacit Deraoke


I did a fill-in show for Tacit Karaoke. It's different from my usual surf. It's very dark, spooky and atmospheric. check it out if it's your thing!

Here's a sample of the show I did:

new plays
artist song
horchata yard
horchata hallway
haruki yamada silent town
the caretaker cloudy, since you went away
elbryan command control
horchata kitchen
haruki yamada destroyed world
horchata dining room
the caretaker consigned to a yesterday
nash the slash blind windows
the caretaker malign forces of the occult
elbryan toxic refinery
the caretaker robins and roses
the future cairo
jesse j smith musical wars part I
nash the slash pilgrim's lament
the caretaker date with an angel
horchata dining room
nash the slash lost lenore
jesse j smith musical wars part II
the caretaker it's all forgotten now
horchata basement
nash the slash deep forest
elbryan computer station
the caretaker home
the moe greene specials julia's waltz
wall of voodoo there's nothing on this side
the caretaker friends past re-united
human league new pink floyd
nash the slash reactor no. 2
the caretaker a stairway to the stars
nash the slash danger zone

Here's a link to the Tacit Karaoke page. You will find the podcast under December 5th.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What a night, finks! The weather in Windsor was complete crap! It was dark and rainy as hell outside! The perfect weather for The Surfphony of Derstruction's FIRST-EVER theme show: MIDNIGHT IN SALERNO! We played all sorts of Nighttime Surf and it was good times! I had plenty of material to keep us goin', maybe even till midnight! Here's the playlist of what I did get to spin:

new plays
urban surf kingsluger 3
the reverb syndicateonto checkpoint bravo
the chesterfield kingsmoon relay
the tempomenmidnight on pier 13
the bambi molestersthe kiss off
zz topasleep in the desert
the debonaireshigh wall
huevos rancherosplease pass the ketchup
deep notesleeping with erik
atomic 7seven stranded castanets
the venturesmusic to watch girls by
mr gasser and the weirdosmidnight run
hula hoopgirls from ipanema
los straitjacketsdella street
the reverb syndicatem's lament

HUH?!?! ZZ TOP?! What is ZZ TOP doing on DA SURF?! First of all, ZZ TOP is ol' skool kool! Second, ZZ Top consists of amazing instrumentalists and the track Asleep in the Desert attests to that.

I was really excited about playing this song and talking about it on-air but I missed my chance! So here, check it out again!

Unfortunately, I cannot post as many youtube videos this week as a lot of the tracks I spun are troublesome to find on youtube.

In other news, I will be filling in for Martin Schiller of Tacit Karaoke this Sunday, December 5th. Tacit Karaoke is an all-instrumental program on CJAM 99.1 and I will adhere to the instrumentality! Not surf though, but something else... tune in to find out! THIS SUNDAY @6 PM on CJAM 99.1!

One more thing, SOCAN tracking period is coming up this weekend! December 5,6, and 7th! The Surfphony is on during this period so next week is an impromptu theme show! I will be spinning all Canadian surf bands in hopes that they are registered with SOCAN and get some money from the gov'! So, if you happen to be a Canadian surf band member reading this blog, Register for SOCAN and let me know that you want your tracks played!

Here's a Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet video to celebrate Canuck Surf!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23rd

LET IT BE KNOWN. THAT THIS WAS A GOOD SHOW! I enjoyed it and I hope that you all did too. We took a look at Eddie & The Showmen's rendition of Squad Car. Originally recorded by The Bel-Airs, Eddie Bertrand of The Bel-Airs formed Eddie & The Showmen, a more Dick Dale-esque, guitar oriented surf band. The Showmen's cover of Squad Car is the preferred basis for many modern surf bands that have recorded the song.

Here's the original Bel-Airs recording:

Eddie & The Showmen doin' Squad Car:

artist song
the ebb tides big noise from waimea
eddie & the showmen squad car
the bel-airs squirt
luau or die! mojave chaser
the reverb syndicate on to checkpoint bravo
huevos rancheros cindy with an S
shadowy men on a shadowy planet average weekend '78
the blue demons squad car
ramblin' ambassadors lungbucket
the fractals mothra
the moons gammera
the motivations motivate
takeshi terauchi squad car
duane eddy waterskiing
the webs lost (cricket in my ear)
the invaders davey jones rocker

Here's a rare treat of some Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet! Here's the classic rock/heavy metal flavoured Having an Average Weekend '78. Tasty!

Tune in next week for MIDNIGHT IN SALERNO! The FIRST-EVER theme show on The Surfphony of Derstruction! Wanna know what's in store?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Surfphony of Derstruction November 16th

Latest show, latest post baby!

Just a regular ol' surf show this week! A DAMN GOOD ONE at that!

I played a lot of obscure tracks from some surf comps. Comps such as Sleazy Surf! Vols. 1 & 2 and couple of tracks from Surfer's Mood.

We heard Dick Dale's Surf Beat
There's a neat little comment on the page of this video. Check it out for some serious nostalgia trippin'!

artist song
shadowy men on a shadowy planet honey, you're wasting ammo
the rattlesnakes caravella
huevos rancheros whiteout in wyoming
fifty foot combo dimitrius
the reveltones black lightning
the astronauts surf's you right
the bedwells karate again
bob vaught & the renegades church key twist
rich clayton & the rumbles flip side
the von drats malaguena
dick dale and his del-tones surf beat
urban surf kings almeria
the el caminos sumo wrestler
kenny & The Sultans With Vigor
the fractals quarter pounder

Tune in next week as we look at Eddie & The Showmen's Squad Car!

Too cool of a video to pass up! check out how the siren sound is made!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surfphony of Derstruction November 9th

HEY MY BAD! for not posting for so long, I keep forgetting to save the playlist for the past few shows and I am too embarrassed to make public my mistake! From here out, I'm going to make sure to post more playlists YEAAAAAAAAAH

For this week's show, we checked out the song APACHE originally by the Shadows in the early '60s. dig it:

we heard Los Straitjacket's Apache inspired Lonely Apache. Here is a live version of the song:

this week's special song was Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet's Aunt's Invasion. Just a sweet tune, that's why I picked it!

new plays
artist song
st. john & the cardinals RAMPAGE
space cossacks the defector
shadowy men on a shadowy planet aunt's invasion
reverb syndicate sputnik-a-go-go
takeshi terauchi living doll
the moptops moptop
the motions big chief
the hot rodders the creamer
atomic 7 theme from atomic 7
the blue demons apache
the shadows apache
the ventures apache
fatboy slim apache
los straitjackets lonely apache

This coming week will kick some ass! LET IT BE KNOWN

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Surfphony of Derstruction October 19th

Just a regular ol' kick ass SURF SHOW BABY!!!

I played The Space Plan, a local Windsor surf band from around 2000. The liner notes of their CD said that they won the Best Local Band jammie from CJAM that year. Pretty sweet to see some surf appreciation almost a decade ago!

geeze, it's this song!

I was barely able to squeeze this song in cause I had to play it like no other! goddamn i said GODDAMN! it reminds me of this song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time


since the Surfphony is suiting up for Halloween, I gave listeners a little taste of the Halloweenies show coming up next week! I played The Ghastly Ones' Banshee Beach from their album Unearthed, a collection of re-recordings of The Ghastly Ones' favorite tunes from their earlier albums.

This is off the halloween compilation Halloween Hootenanny

Here is the playlist for Oct. 19
the space plan tread lightly
the eradicators friends & enemies
the volcanos deora
huevos rancheros endsville
the ghastly ones banshee beach
the chesterfield kings land beyond the moon
the reverb syndicate bolshevik boogie
kenny & the fiends moon shot
the aqua velvets aqua nova
the crunchendoes butterfingers
the sharks BIG SURF
the ramblers hangin' one
blue jeans yogiri no nagisa
the twin tones capello de mariachi
the von drats instant soup just add soup

Stay tuned to CJAM 99.1 whether you're on the dial or on the computer! The Surfphony of Derstruction will be presenting Halloweenies! a funkin' Halloween show DIG IT

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Surfphony of Derstruction October 12th

Hello there!

What was once The Symphony of Derstruction is now The SURFphony of Derstruction. I am doing a new program focusing on Surf music on Tuesdays at 7 PM.

This week (Oct 12) we had the usual surfin' time with a special look at the famous surf tune, Misirlou. I discussed the origins of Misirlou, how it came to prominence in Surf music and the song's cult status along with covers and reinterpretations of Misirlou.

Dick Dale's Misirlou:

Takeshi Terauchi (The Surfphony's favorite international surf guitarist) and his interpretation of Misirlou:

Also heard on the Surfphony this week were Canadian surf ensembles The Reverb Syndicate and Luau or Die!

Check out The Reverb Syndicate's website and myspace

Check out Luau or Die's myspace and facebook page

If you're in the London area, you can see Luau or Die play with Rockabilly-Swing band The Hi-Tones at the London Music Club on November 23rd! Dig it!

Next week there will be lots of Surf! I will also start posting playlists next week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Symphony of Derstruction Sampler Vol. 1

I've put together this compilation full of music that I have played on the Symphony of Derstruction, whether it's an artist or a song. I hope to put out more of these over time, possibly with different themes and more obscure stuff!


here's a link to download the album. Enjoy and thank you for downloading!


The Boomtown Rats - Nothing Happened Today
Bluenose B - Forever Passing Trains
New Models - Strangers in Disguise
Units - iNight
Wall of Voodoo - Spy World
DEVO - Be Stiff
Trek With Quintronic - Zolian Space
Chrisma - Black Silk Stocking
Nash The Slash - Stalker
Men Without Hats - Ideas For Walls
Martha and The Muffins - Indecision
Drinking Electricity - Good Times
Blue Peter - Chinese Graffiti
999 - Crime Part 1 & 2
The Diodes - We're Ripped
Moev - 90 Minutes
Rough Trade - Crimes of Passion
The Fabulous Poodles - Tit Photographer's Blues
The Suicide Twins - What a Price to Pay

Sunday, May 9, 2010

TF-8"> new plays
new plays
artist song
units cowboy
the human league once upon a time in the west
glomag red pixel dust
transparent illusion sections
body 11 hearts
visage moon over moscow
tim blake lighthouse
michael garrison to the other side of the sky
rough trade crimes of passion
trans-x message on the radio
blue peter don't walk past
54-40 long goodbye
the hippies how you gonna live
wall of voodoo back in flesh
government id rather be a real computer
metal boys carnival
the stranglers nuclear device
trees no stranger
fabulous poodles mr mike
fingerprintz bulletproof heart
the diodes tired of waking up tired
the pogues boys from the county hell
chrisma thank you
artist song units cowboy the human league once upon a time in the west glomag red pixel dust transparent illusion sections body 11 hearts visage moon over moscow tim blake lighthouse michael garrison to the other side of the sky rough trade crimes of passion trans-x message on the radio blue peter don't walk past 54-40 long goodbye the hippies how you gonna live wall of voodoo back in flesh government id rather be a real computer metal boys carnival the stranglers nuclear device trees no stranger fabulous poodles mr mike fingerprintz bulletproof heart the diodes tired of waking up tired the pogues boys from the county hell chrisma thank you

Trans-X - Living On Video Official Video

Hey, I'm finally getting around to posting some videos! Here's a video of Trans-X, a synth band from Canada!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ric Flair Fridays

alright alright alright! The Symphony of Derstruction is finishing it's second season soon. I want to get this blog going and doing stuff with it. For now, I'm just going to post some videos throughout the week pertaining to 80's alternative. I'll post videos, interviews, live shows, or anything else i can find out there. Also, because I feel like it, I'm going to post wrestling videos too. Starting with RIC FLAIR FRIDAYS, hahaha! I'm going to try and post Ric Flair videos every Friday.

Here's a classic Flair promo to start it off.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

april 18th

new plays
artist song
the phones cities
love and rockets haunted (when the minutes drag)
trees midnight in america
the diodes headache
panoramas sinbad the sailor
noh mask empire of the signs
perfect strangers run to you
the twins synthetic world
voice lime
absolute body control is there an exit?
drinking electricity news peak
a certain ratio day one
junco run his story
invisible limits no doubts
nash the slash RSVP
government white
kinetic ideals structures
rockets sci fi boogie
vocoder monopolis
rough trade territorial

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11th 2010

artist song
the monks dear jerry
dexys midnight runners celtic soul brothers
fabulous poodles think pink
circuit 7 beat tonight
futurisk poison ivy
silvia ich bin nicht die
suburban lawns protection
boys brigade anger (the hunter)
south of no north anabelle lee
president reagan is clever lock stock and barrell
b. troop just because
laserdance mars invaders
gino soccio the visitors
mark shreeve legion
black mountain queens will play
nash the slash searching for prey
nash the slash born to be wild
karen cooper complex we saw waves
v-necks sand overdose
deja voodoo too cool to live, too smart to die
synthetic products nuclear age
eight seconds commissioner st.
exhibit a platform 6
bugger west water

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MArch 28

artist song
chrisma so you don't
vocoder monopolis
causey way ana caelo
beem ducker
moloko + in meinen taschen
nash the slash in a glass eye
kuruki crocodile tears
men without hats telepathy
moebius video soldier in a radio war
portion control across the fence
iko military service
deux game & performance
martha and the muffins paint by number heart
diodes time damage
big crimes dragonfly #2
the fall hotel bloedel
patrick cowley megatron man
family fodder debbie harry
blondie youth nabbed as sniper
A Paba Wizards of DOS

Sunday, March 14, 2010

march 14th

artist song
linear movement the game
circuit 7 video boys
trek with quintronic zolian space
laserdance shotgun (remix)
droids be happy (part 1)
droids be happy (part 2)
mark shreeve icon
body falling downstairs politics of ecstacy
units cannibals
temper! Temper the switch
xynn isolated brain
the ramblin' ambassadors hup two three four
the blue demons moondawg
burnin' sands return of the surfin' mummy
54-40 contagious
junco run unseen hands
fingerprintz hide and seek
talking heads heaven
the chameleons uk swamp thing
scatterbrain arguments in vain
invisible limits power to survive
neil young computer age
moev kim says

Sunday, March 7, 2010

march 7th 2010

artist song
patrick cowley teen planet
futurisk split second
vaktorrnet billy idle
v.o.k nukes of terra
missing presumed dead my little sister's turning into duane eddie
chrisma lola
rational youth saturdays in silesia
voice wake up dreaming
martha and the muffins boys in bushes
drinking electricity discord dance
the blue demons the sweeper
khmer rouge new assassins
revenge bleachman
trees come back
shout out out out out procrastinator's fight song
calculated X four windows
primary colours notorious
pas de deux take a cigarette
government exit line
moev coccoon
svart klovn a-hhhh
end of data if I'm not a killer
yellow magic orchestra computer game
yellow magic orchestra firecracker
ohama my time